We Have Several Kinds Ma’am

Valley Cable TV: San Fernando Valley, CA mid 80s

It was just a normal weekday afternoon, and I was walking down the hallway going back to my office.

Oh, I was the Engineering Manager for this system. This was a recent new build and I have been here since the beginning. 

As I walked down the hallway, I overheard the construction manager talking to someone on his desktop phone.

He said. in a very pleasant voice, "Well we have several kinds ma'am. What kind were you looking for?"

He then held the phone away from his face looked at it kind of funny and sat it back down in the cradle, hanging up the call.

I walked into his office sit down and asked him what was that all about?

He started smiling and he said, "Somehow I ended up with a lady on the phone and she wanted to know what kind of a**holes we had working down here." Still smiling, he continued, "So I think you heard me I told her that we had several kinds, what kind are you looking for? At that point, the line went dead."

I just smiled at him got up and continue walking down the hallway towards my office.

Just another day in paradise.