Congratulations, high five! You are at the finish line. You have successfully collected and organized all your photos, videos, and music. It has been a lot of time-consuming work and now it's time to start enjoying all of your media.


There are two parts of managing your media,

  • Keeping your library updated
  • Enjoying your media, how you actually use all of it.

Updating Your Media Library

As your media library grows it is important to make sure that all the recent photos, videos, and music are correctly merged with the existing stuff.

Photos and Home Videos

You are still taking photos with your phone, and you want to get these photos into your library, so they are protected with your backup systems. Both photos and home videos are on your phone, and you need to get these into your media library.

  • MANUAL: You can manually copy these from your phone to your PC by connecting your phone to your PC via USB cable or Wi-Fi. This method depends on you consistently copying all the files. The concern here is that you may lose your phone with a lot of digital media on it before you have actually copied it onto your PC.
  • AUTOMATIC: The second choice is to automatically synchronize your phone with your hard drive media libraries. There are apps that will automatically synchronize your phone's photos and home videos to your PC without any manual copying. You can configure these apps to synchronize your phone every time you are on your home network. Problem solved; you need to get one of these apps.

Movies and TV Shows

You are still buying movies and TV shows and you want these to be in your media library. So, you go out (or online) and buy a new movie or TV show and you have a DVD or a digital file.

  • If it is a DVD you need to make a digital copy for your media library.
  • If it is already in a digital form, you just need to add it to your media library.

Either way, once it is in your media library all your backup systems will take over and protect your data. Unlike your photos and home videos, your movies and TV shows are not inherently on your phone. They are more of an "onesie-twosie" deal and to manually add them to your library is not really a sync kind of deal, you just manually add them to your hard drive library.

Media Management Software

There are some software solutions that will take all your media and deliver it up to you where you want it and when you want it. Keep in mind that there is no "Magic Bullet" that does everything you want. But some of these do come close. This is the last step out of the digital jungle.

These applications are dedicated to managing your media libraries. Photos, home videos, movies, TV shows, and music. If you do not need built-in editing capabilities (i.e. photo and video editor), one of these is what you are looking for to organize your media library.

Illegal or Pirated Movies and TV Shows

If you missed this in Step 11: Videos, here is it again. Just trying to make a point.

First, I am not offering any legal advice here. I am not an attorney. I am just making you understand that there are consequences to stealing copyright media.

If you copy, download, or get illegal movies or TV shows, you are robbing the creators of this media. They depend upon sales for their income just like you depend upon sales of your personal labor at work or sales of any products you create. There are penalties for this criminal activity.

Then if you "share" these pirated or illegal files with your friends or family or others using these media management applications, you are compounding your criminal behavior by "streaming" this media. You don't have to charge people to view it to break the law, you simply must share it to break the law.

There are a variety of fines and imprisonment in place for these violations.

In short, stay away from illegal, pirated movies and TV shows. As they always say on TV, "You have been warned."


Keep your media updated as the latest photos, home videos, music, movies, and TV shows are available. Stay away from pirated media. Choose a media management application and start enjoying your media.