Q: Why do I need to add my books to my personal digital library? I already have my books on Kindle, or Google, or Apple and I am a happy camper.

A: The short answer is that you do not need to add your books to your personal digital library. If you are happy with your current solution, then why bother to go through all the effort to create your own digital book library. If it works, don't fix it. However,

The long answer is that the world is evolving and changing all the time. Things that you like today may become less desirable tomorrow. Features come and go, prices always go up, and today's solution may not be the long-term fit that it is today.

Or your personal digital library just won't be complete without your books. I know for myself; I want to have my digital media organized and backed up.

I use these various apps to listen to and to read my books, but I do not want to be tied to these apps. I have "Cut the Cord" with Cable TV, and I do not want to end up on another "Cord" with my book library.

Still, not convinced that you need a digital book library. Read this step and after you see what's involved, make your decision. Whatever floats your boat.

Book Application Choices

There are many different book applications out there. Let's start with a brief explanation.

Types of Applications

There are three various kinds of apps or applications.

  • Mobile apps which run on your smartphone.
  • Desktop apps that run on your PC or tablet.
  • Website apps that run through Google Chrome, Firefox or other web browsers.

Some mobile apps have companion apps that will synchronize your phone with your desktop. This is a nice feature so you can always have the same data with you on your phone and then on your desktop. Some have both the mobile and desktop apps plus a third on their companion website. With these, you can not only access your data on your phone in your pocket, your desktop back home but also on your friends' (or library) desktop using the website companion app.

A good example is Google Mail. You can access your email on your phone, desktop, and website and always be synchronized and current no matter which device you are using.



I believe that books belong in your personal digital library, but the lines get blurry.

The best solution is whatever works for you.