"Alexia, play some slow jazz." This is one of my favorite things about a smart home. Years ago, I loved walking into my home and flipping the power switch on my amplifier and the house was filled with music. Then things became too complicated. Turn on Bluetooth, select music source, etc. just killed the mood.

Now everything is easy again and I love it. I want to make sure you know today's easy techniques and how to get your music library organized and ready to enjoy.


Some of us stream all our music, some don't stream any music and some of us rely on a mix of streaming and our own digital music files. This step is "mostly" about digital music files.


We cannot talk about music in today's world without including streaming music. Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and SoundCloud are just a few streaming music services. Most have free services and paid services. They can create your own music "stations" featuring your favorite genre, artist, era, and so on. But the big news is that you do not need to store your music on your device, it is all up there in the cloud.

Digital Music Files

Why keep digital music files when streaming services are so readily available? You don't want to pay for the premium service and the free service doesn't have the music you want. You don't always have access to the cloud. Different languages, esoteric tastes, homemade recordings, or you already have an extensive music library, and you love what you have.

Copyright Music

Just like photos and videos, if you did not purchase it, you don't own it.


Stay away from bootleg or illegal music. Let your music player do the heavy lifting for you. When in doubt, don't delete that duplicate, you may be deleting your most favorite version of that song.