I really enjoyed watching Gerard Butler hosting his cable TV show in the movie The Ugly Truth (2009). He cracked me up.

This blog is my version of the ugly truth only it is not focused on any particular topic. Religion, politics, lifestyle, extinct fishes, it doesn't matter, it's all fair game.

I have been a writer, a paid writer, for the last 20 years. One thing I have learned the hard way is that you cannot really write the "truth" if you are more interested in your reader's reactions that what you really are trying to say. Everybody has an opinion and this blog is mine.

I have been called "Old School" which I take as a compliment. I have been called a "Dinosaur" which I have mixed feelings about. And I have been called just about everything else from a homophobe to a snake and all of the other low class expletives. I always consider the source when I weigh these words and I have rarely loss any sleep over any of them.

I guess I would call myself an "Old Fart" which means that I am an old guy who no longer worries about impressing anybody. I have been to a lot of places and seen a lot of things. I try to always keep an open mind and sometimes I am successful at that. I have some hard core opinions but I am not convinced that I am right about everything, just most of the time (smile).

I am a husband, father, brother, technologist, engineer, technical writer, Harley rider, guitar player and an outstanding bullshitter.

My mom always said "if you don't toot your own horn, nobody is going to toot it for you." She said a lot of good stuff.