I am offering an instant download of my book “Motorcycle Rider Basics” to visitors on my site.This is a digital copy of the original copyrighted book. (You can purchase the actual book on AMAZON in paperback.)
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Motorcycle Rider BasicsIf you like this weblog and the information which I have shared with you on such topics as riding rules, mistakes, tips and equipment, you will really like the book. The book has 48 chapters or topics (224 pages) and each chapter is an extensive, hands-on, look at that topic. About 15% of the book's content appears in various posts on this weblog but I have put the really good stuff in the book.
This digital copy of my book is in PDF format and includes both covers and the index.

  • Easy to navigate using “One Click” Index references and page jumps.
  • Built in “One Click” hyperlinks to referenced active websites.
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  • Book can be read using anything that will read PDF files including browsers, netbooks, iPad, Kindle 3, smartphones and so on.

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