Here are the BASICS for organizing all your media and creating your own "Personal Digital Library." You make your own plan based upon your own wants and needs. I have laid out these BASICS in a step-by-step format, but you can jump around and pick and choose, just like a menu in your favorite restaurant. You may already know what you want to order but have some questions. These Steps will answer your questions.

The Steps

  • HMB-Step 01: What Do I Have Now? Perform a complete inventory of your media sources and content. Streaming, cable, DSL, satellite, movies, TV shows, music, photos, home videos, etc. You need to know what you already have and what you are spending as the first step in this process
  • HMB-Step 02: What Do I Want? What media sources, streaming, cable, DSL, satellite, etc. do you want? What media content, movies, TV shows, music, photos, home videos, etc. do you want? This is a wish list. This step is not as easy as it seems. Everything costs money, there is no free media. There is a significant difference in the cost of what I need, what I want, and what I would like to have.
  • HMB-Step 03: Local Channels Broadcast, over-the-air (OTA) TV is a must-have for most people. Local news, sports, and community shows are all broadcast free OTA to your home. Do you have, do you want OTA Broadcast TV? If you want local broadcast channels, how do you get them?
  • HMB-Step 04: Internet How much internet do you really need? Sure, we all need the internet but how much, how fast, and how expensive? Don't buy more than you need or use.
  • HMB-Step 05: Home Network What is the role of your home network? Before we get into the various streaming services out there you must have the ability to view these streaming service apps on your TV, PC, laptop, or phone. How important is your home network? It's just as important as every other part of the system that is delivering voice, video, and data in your home. It is the last mile, the hub, the wireless heart of your home media.
  • HMB-Step 06: Streaming Devices   How to turn a dumb TV into a smart TV so you can get the internet on all your TVs. Firestick, Roku, Nvidia, and more choices. choices and more choices are the name of the game. Where do I start? Which one is for me?
  • HMB-Step 07: Streaming Services   What are my choices? Which service should I subscribe to? Local channels, networks, sports, travel, documentaries, I want it all! Wait a minute, maybe not all, just a bunch.
  • HMB-Step 08: Cut The Cord Finally, at last, the moment has arrived. Whew! Wait, now you know what you want to do so do it. But what's next? Will cutting the cord really set me free or am I just grabbing a new cord?

😎 The WordCutter: I am going to pop up, every now and then, with tips and tricks and additional info.


There are eight basic steps between you and a totally organized home media collection. Follow the Steps or jump around and check it all out. Be ready for some pleasant surprises, but most of all, be ready to have some fun!