ALL your media, ALL your devices, ALL the time!


All your media on all your devices all the time is an ambitious thing. So how do you do this? Well, you do it just like Netflix does it?

Netflix takes all their movies and TV shows and puts them on one server. This is a very elementary explanation here. And then with all this stuff on one server your phone is allowed to access the server, your tablet, your laptop, and your desktop.

So, you can watch any movie, or any TV show you want on any of your devices anytime.

Your home media system is the same thing. You put all your home media, your photos, your videos, your music, your books, your data, all on your home server. And then you set it up so that your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop can all access this library of your home media.

What about your new stuff, things like new photos and videos, or you bought a new book, or you have some new documents that you want to make accessible from everywhere.

Well, unlike NETFLIX, all your new stuff needs to be uploaded to your server so all your other devices will have access to it.

You can see in the diagram that all the distribution paths are now bi-directional, download, and upload.

You can manually copy all of the new stuff to your HomeMedia server, or, in most cases, you can automate this process. If you automate the process, you will not need to worry about it and all your latest photos and videos will be updated every day.

Well, it really is all that simple. Or at least it sounds simple, when you start implementing it there may be a few speed bumps here and there.


Here are the basic steps, start to finish, to create your own home media "Netflix".

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