WordCutter is a small home-based shop with Frank Gates as the brains of the outfit. My specialty is piece work, contract writing on demand.


I write. I write a lot. For twenty five years as a telecommunications engineer I wrote policies and procedures, RFQ's, work instructions and so on. I have continued writing professionally as a technical writer for the last seven years. I write documents for software, manufacturing, engineering, on-line learning and Department of Defense (DoD).


I write books and blogs (see ads to the right). I am published in numerous technical magazines, non-fiction articles, popular web sites, books and so on.


I believe that no matter what you write, you must stay focused and use an economy of words. A great example of work instructions is something you see all of the time, the automated gas pump;

  • Insert Card
  • Enter ZIP code and then press enter
  • Select fuel and start

In three short lines, you are told what to do and how to do it. And after a couple of uses, you remember all of it. That is a writing success story.

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